Ayrton Senna in France 1988
Ayrton Senna in action-France 1988

It’s has been twenty one years since the passing of Ayrton Senna, from an accident at the San Marino Grand Prix were Senna crashed his Williams at Tumbrello on lap seven of the race. He would have been 54, if he was still around today. So this post is the Top six Formula 1 race cars that Ayrton Senna have driven.

Number 6: 1984 Toleman TG184

Toleman TG184 was designed by Rory Byrne and Pat Symonds. The TG184 was powered by the 4-clyinder turbocharged Hart engine which produced approximately 600 bhp. The Toleman TG184 took Ayrton Senna to two third place finished at Brands Hatch and Estoril. And also a second place finished at Monaco. The Toleman TG184 took to Toleman to seventh place in the Constructors standings in 1984, and Ayrton Senna to ninth place in the drivers’ championship.

Number 5: 1987 Lotus 99T

Lotus 99T was designed by Gérard Ducarouge and the first Formula 1 and Lotus chassis to be fitted with electronic active suspension. Also, the Lotus 99T had the Honda 1.5 litre V6 turbo engine underneath, which produce over 1000 bhp in qualifying and around 790 bhp in race pace. The Lotus 99T took Ayrton Senna to third place in the drivers’ championship, and took Lotus to third in the Constructors standings in 1987 and took two wins for Ayrton Senna at Monaco, Detroit and the final Grand prix win for Team Lotus.

Number 4: 1993 McLaren MP4/8

McLaren MP4/8 was designed by Neil Oatley. The McLaren MP4/8 had the all new a Ford HBD7 3.5 V8, after the loss of the Honda deal, the McLaren MP4/8 has advanced racecar technology, including a semi-automatic transmission, active suspension and traction control systems. The McLaren MP4/8 took five Grand Prix wins in 1993, five for Ayrton Senna which includes race wins at Sao Paulo, Monaco, Suzuka, Adelaide, and Donington Park. The McLaren MP4/8 took to McLaren to second place in the Constructors standings in 1993, and Ayrton Senna to second place in the drivers’ championship.

Number 3: 1991-92 McLaren MP4/6

The McLaren MP4/6 was designed by Neil Oatley. The McLaren MP4/6 had the all new Honda 3.5 litre V12. The McLaren MP4/6 took eight Grand Prix wins in 1991, seven for Ayrton Senna and one for Gerhard Berger. Also, McLaren MP4/6 took the 1991 constructors’ title for McLaren in 1991 and the drivers’ title for Ayrton Senna in 1991, and Ayrton Senna’s last of his drivers’ titles as-well.

Number 2: 1989-90 McLaren MP4/5

The McLaren MP4/5 was designed by Gordon Murray, Steve Nichols and Neil Oatley. And it’s the first of the non turbo Honda F1 cars, the MP4/5 had the Honda 3.5 litre V10 producing around 680 bhp. The McLaren MP4/5 took two constructor titles’ in 1989 and 1990 and two drivers titles’ with Alain Prost in 1989 (Senna was second in the drivers’ championship that season), and with Ayrton Senna in 1990. Sixteen Grand Prix wins in those two seasons, four for Alain Prost and twelve for Ayrton Senna and controversy in-between those two drivers.

Number 1: 1988 McLaren MP4/4

The McLaren MP4/4 will be possibly the best McLaren car that have been created from the team and possibly the most dominant racing car in Formula 1 history. The McLaren MP4/4 was design by Gordon Murray. The McLaren MP4/4 has the famous Honda 1.5 litre V6 turbo engine underneath the McLaren MP4/4, the last of the turbos in Formula 1 (until next season that is) which produce over 1000 bhp in qualifying and around 790 bhp in race pace. Which, McLaren took fifteen victories from sixteen races in 1988, eight for Ayrton Senna and seven for Alain Prost, including ten 1-2 finishes, fifteen Poles which Senna took thirteen poles that season. Finally gives McLaren the Constructors Championship in 1998 and Ayrton Senna to the Drivers Championship in 1988 as-well.

source: jhonmotorsport.blogspot.com