An F1 legend revealed what makes Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna different from the present-day racing stars.

Formula One is one of the most electrifying sports in the world. Aside from the fact that it is mainly ran by the most famous companies in the world, the sport has produced an array of superstars such as Schumacher and Senna. According to Damon Hill, a former rival of Schumacher, F1 and its racers have changed through the years.

Lewis Hamilton is one the superstar who is consistently being compared to the likes of Shumacher and Senna. However, Hill revealed an interesting trait which separates the two F1 icons from the pack.

Ayrton Senna

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Hill recalled sitting down with Schumacher when he was already in the twilight of his career a racer. Based on his recollection, the experience was different compared to when he and the German racing star were still battling on the track.

“Oddly, when I retired I interviewed him (Schumacher) here in Suzuka for a magazine and he was a charming guy . The game was over, I was retiring, he was able to drop his guard and he seemed a guy you’d want to know,” Hill recalled.

Hill continued by describing how Schumacher was as a professional and as a rival. As per the F1 legend, “Schumi” had a powerful presence even outside the race track.

“As a professional, he was a completely different kettle of fish. That po-faced, chin jutting out character was someone who gave nothing away. He was very adept at reducing his opponents, even without his driving, so he was formidable in every way.

The 59-year-old Brit also had the same thought on the Brazilian racing legend Senna. According to Hill, most of the F1 legends on Schumacher’s level were “aloof” but at the same time full of intensity.

Unlike the “old school” Schumacher and Senna, Hill thinks that the modern day stars are more “relaxed and outgoing.”

Michael Schumacher

“But they all were. Senna wasn’t an easy character to get to know, aloof. This new generation seem much more relaxed and more outgoing.”

Hill also thinks that Hamilton is the greatest racer of all time. However, he predicted that Hamilton will never be as big as Schumacher Formula One was way greater in during their time than Hamilton’s.

“I don’t think it’s Lewis’ fault. I wonder if it is because the sport itself is less in the spotlight. There are still many fans in the UK, but many people around the world have left since Michael won everything,” Hill pointed out.