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Senniha-championSenninha is a boy who lives with a community of friends by a race track. Rather than playing football he races a go-kart. Senninha has all the qualities that celebrate Senna, he is simple, honest, hardworking and, above all, a winner. Senna launched Senninha shortly before he died. Rather than retiring him after Imola, Senninha has grown from strength to strength and now rivals Mickey Mouse in the hearts of young Brazilians, even those born years after Senna died.

Senninha was released by Ayrton Senna on February 27, 1994. Its designers are Rogerio Martins and Ridaut  Dias Jr.

And you know what’s cool too? Part of the value of all the products you buy branded Senninha goes to the work of the Ayrton Senna Institute, which helps thousands of children and young people to have a quality education.

senninhaSenninha was created by Ayrton Senna to be a channel of communication with children. The character is an eight year old boy who loves speed and also wants to be a F1 driver. As Senna, his world is surrounded by cars, rods, chassis and tires, but also elements that appeal to children: cars with different design, gadgets and powerful tools. More than fifteen characters are part of the gang, whose amusing stories are imbued with the values that Ayrton lived on the track and in life, motivation, determination, pursuit of perfection and transcendence.

The proceeds from the 100% of the royalties from licensing the brand Senninha are fully reverted to educational programs. Connecting to the character Senninha brand represents a distinct opportunity for companies that believe in a better future for coming generations and the success and credibility of your products or services.

Product quality is allied to the character Senninha that, besides being a spokesman of values and a social cause, embodies the confidence of the working of the Instituto Ayrton Senna. Currently there are over 250 licensed products by 23 companies in the categories food, personal care, clothing, footwear, toys, stationery and back to school, automotive products and online pet.
This is another way to add the brand Senninha and the Instituto Ayrton Senna happens to the product through promotional campaigns. Companies offer products and / or services to its consumers, combining this offer to the values and character because of Senninha to potentiate the actions in a given period. For this purpose, are developed and planned promotional strategies that generate income and donation of funds for educational programs of the Institute Ayrton Senna.


  • Senninha, “little Senna,” is the main character of the series, with characteristics very similar to Ayrton Senna, including unruly hair, a bulbous nose and red overalls (like the McLaren team for which Senna was best known), as well as being friendly, determined and sometimes rushed. He is eight years old. During the initial run, he wore a blue jumpsuit (like the Williams team that Senna was driving for at the time of the character’s creation) and a simple helmet. In issue #10 his helmet became a magical character called Meu Herói.
  • Meu Herói, “my hero,” is the magical helmet of Senninha, colored green, yellow and blue like Senna’s helmet (which was predominantly yellow, with one green and one blue horizontal stripe.) To most other people it is a normal helmet and only magical entities and persons as special as Senninha (such as Juan Manuel Fangio, who made a posthumous appearance in the comics in 1995) can see and hear it.
  • Neco is the mechanical inventor of the group. He is of Japanese descent and the twin brother of Coni. He is eight years old. Until issue #9 he was called Nico.
  • Gabi is an artist and the sensitive member of the group. He is eight years old.
  • Becão and Bicão are Senninha’s twin dogs. Becão’s helmet is blue with a white band and he thinks and acts like a person. Bicão’s helmet is white with a blue stripe and he acts like any other ordinary dog, making a mess wherever he goes.
  • Johnny is the heartthrob of the group and good at designing racing cars. He is ten years old.
  • Tala Larga is the reporter in the group, who always records the racers with his camera, and often tries to interview Senninha, of whom he is a big fan. He is eight years old. The character was inspired by Galvão Bueno.
  • Déia is the detective in the group. He is eight years old.
  • Coni Neco’s twin sister and the “economist” of the group. She is eight years old.
  • Marcha Lenta, whose name means “idle” is often shown sleeping. When awake, he normally interacts with Tala, as his cameraman. He is eight years old.
  • JJ is crazy about basketball and computer science, rather than his other studies. He is the only black character in the group. He is ten years old.
  • Téo is the younger brother of Senninha and can be a brat. He often annoys Johnny, who does not like him very much. He is six years old. The character was Inspired by Ayrton Senna’s younger brother Leonardo.
  • Gigi is the older sister of Senninha. She loves to talk on the phone. She is thirteen years old. The character was inspired by Viviane, Ayrton Senna’s older sister.
  • Braço Duro is the leader of a rival gang to Senninha’s group. He is always trying to win races and usually cheats. He hates losing to Senninha. He is nine years old. The character was inspired by Senna’s rival Formula One drivers Alain Prost .
  • Rebimboca is the mechanic of Braço’s gang. He always copies Johnny’s original ideas of cars design. He is nine years old.
  • Bate-Pino has a stutter and always takes a long time to complete a sentence. He is ten years old.
  • Pé-de-Breque is a big, fat member of Braço’s gang and the typical stupid comic character. He is eleven years old.
  • Tamborim is a cat and the mascot of Braço’s gang. He is identified by his purple overalls.