The figure of Ayrton Senna is immortalized in the memory not only of Brazilians but also of people from all over the world, such as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. Had he not died tragically on that fateful May 1, 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix in Italy, his career would surely have been much more successful.

Senna was a person like any of us and also a citizen of São Paulo, born in the neighborhood of Santana. Before and during his fantastic career it was common to see him in some streets of our city, either in one of his residences or even in his office. This sensational photo, from the mid 1980s, shows a very young Ayrton Senna in front of a very charming house. But where is this house located?

Ayrton Senna in front of his house

The property in question is the former commercial office of Senna and is located in the neighborhood of Vila Maria (Alta), specifically at number 96 Rua Dr. Edson de Mello, the photo below shows the property today.

Vila Maria (Alta)

Built in 1970, the house is still preserved and maintained as it was at the time when Ayrton Senna was working there. It is a very spacious ground house on 601 square meters of land. The site was one of the Senna’s childhood sites and later housed Ayrton Senna Empreendimentos Ltda (ASE), a company that took care of business involving Senna. It’s really a shame to see this property that is so important to the Senna’s life not have any reference to it today. The Instituto São Paulo Antiga is preparing the request for the installation of an identification plate with the City of São Paulo, through the municipal project Memória Paulistana.

Unfortunately there is no mention of Ayrton Senna in the advertisement, which is an unacceptable flaw. Were it anywhere else in the world, that would be the big difference for the rental.