To celebrate the 52nd birthday of Ayrton Senna, #SENNAMEINSPIRA campaign invited fans from all over the world to honor and remember the values of three-time world champion.


Senna-Me-InspiraIn order to celebrate that special day, the Ayrton Senna Institute, in partnership with Credicard, Mobil and Pioneer, prepared a great honor to Ayrton Senna.

“Senna Me Inspira” (Senna inspires me) campaign, that began at 21st of march 2012 and lasted until the 1st of May. The campaign’s goal is to discover how Ayrton inspires its fans, and how his characteristics, such as determination, perfectionism, competitiveness, solidarity, among many others, influence the lives of people around the world.


Fans of Ayrton Senna were sending videos up to 30 seconds, counting how Senna inspired their lives. The top 10 videos were displayed in the  Senna Emotion exhibition that started at may 1st  in Sao Paulo.