Formula 1 world champion and one of the greatest icons of Motorsport and Brazilian sport in general Ayrton Senna, had his story selected for the book “Tales for Boys Who Dream of Changing the World”, a work of “Editora Planeta” that aims to inspire children to fight for their ideas become reality.

Senna in Monaco 1989

The book presents, in a fun way, the story and illustration of 50 personalities who have made the world a better place. The 50 flesh and blood “superheroes” chosen for the book were taken from a list of more than 500 names between men and women who at every point in history made a difference and impacted the world with their inventions. People who have demonstrated that creativity is able to renew and create beauty in any area, not just in art.

Senna book

“Ayrton went through a lot of difficulties, but he never gave up. Little by little he was accumulating victories – especially riding in the rain, because he did it like nobody else – and with perseverance, commitment and dedication he became three times champion of Formula 1 – the premium category of Motorsport “, is one of the excerpts that speaks on Senna.

The book also reveals that you do not have to be a genius to make a difference. It is important to know that there is no need to go into history, people can be perfectly happy doing what they know well, seizing their talents and helping with small changes.

Besides Senna, the book brings other national names such as Alberto Santos Dumont, Chico Mendes, Machado de Assis and Sebastião Salgado, as well as international characters such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther King, Lionel Messi and John Lennon. The book is already available in several bookstores in the country.

Translation: Sandra Martha Dolinsky / 160 pages