Video : Press conference at Suzuka in 1991

Many people have asked me to write more about Ayrton. I did promise I would do so. However, I had underestimated the impact of all the commemorations of 20 years of his death would have on me. I simply needed to stop digging it all up.

In the eve of Suzuka Grand Prix and the announcement of Honda’s coming back to Formula 1 I decided to revisit my notes and here are some of Ayrton’s thought on both: The Japanese Grand Prix and its engine manufacturer.

“After all these years we have been racing in Japan the enthusiasm of the fans still moves me. it is amazing. The numbers of fans I have here is absurd and it grows every year. I am recognised everywhere in Japan and always, no exception, treated with respect and admiration. For all that, it is always an immense pleasure for me to come to Japan.”

“The mutual trust is the foremost aspect of my 6-year relationship with Honda. All the rest – and I mean our outstanding results – is well documented in the history books and I believe that it speaks for itself. It has invariably been a truthful relationship in which both parts have always worked in the best interest of everybody, in order to be successful and to seek the improvement all the time. But most significant of it all is that there has always been a healthy atmosphere, consistently respecting human values and ethics.

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